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[Poem] Wake Up! Life Is Too Short To...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Always play it safe.
Be ‘right’ instead of happy.
Carry a grudge
Do ‘just enough’ to get by.
Engage your mouth when angry.
Forget what really matters.
Give up on your dreams.
Have a chip on your shoulder.
Impose limitations on yourself.
Just work for the money.
Keep walking on eggshells.
Leave words unspoken.
Make mountains out of molehills.
Not try, for fear of failure.
Obey all the rules.
Pretend to be someone you’re not.
Quit when the going gets tough.
Risk nothing, do nothing.
Sweat the small stuff.
Try to please everybody.
Use blame, shame or guilt.
Value things more than people.
Wait for the other shoe to drop.
Xperience life as a spectator.
Yearn for the ‘good old days.’
Zip right through it


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