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When you feel bored?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If you have absolutely nothing to do then you start feeling bored, but you can deal with your bored mood by doing some simple and interesting tasks. This article will provide you various things that you can opt to deal with absolutely free time.
Things that you can do when you’re bored-
1. Try to concentrate on various traditional ghost/mysterious stories of your town and just involve yourself in some investigations of the stories.
2. If you are living in a city, then just go for a round of the city with your friends. This will be a great time pass.
3. You can watch some classic (favorite ones) or new movies on an absolutely free day.
4. Go for a conversation with a stranger, neighbor etc. Try to make new friends.
5. You can spend your free time in learning the music, drawing, painting etc.
6. You should also hang out with some old friends. They will tell you great stories and you can also share your old memories with them.
7. You should also participate in some social work.
8. Locate all the favorite touristy places of your city and then spend your time being a gregarious tourist.
9. Plane a trip of local art gallery.
10. If you love kids, then you can also spend your day as a babysitter. Have fun and play with a child.
11. Try to play a quiz game with your friends.
12. Go for kite flying.
13. Spend your day in a beauty salon; try to get a new make-over.
14 .Try to work on your own formula of beer/wine.
feel-bored15. If you are creative in nature, then you should never feel bored, try to create something new on a free day.
16. You can also spend your day in cleaning your room or your home.
17. Simply go for a small walk. You will be able to locate some new shops of your near by market.
18 .You can also spend your day in reading a book. Search on the internet for book recommendations.
19 .Wash your cat/dog.
20. Try some silly games, for example- switch on the TV and then put it on the provision of mute and then switch on some music also, it will be funny to see the music match up with the happenings on TV screen.
21. You can also play with kids of your street. Try games like cricket, football, volleyball etc.
22. You can also spend your free time in decorating your blank T-shirts.
23. Spend your free day at a beach.
24. Try to write some innovative stories.
25. You can also learn to make cookies, raspberry jam, pickles etc.
26. Go for game of bowling.
27. You can also visit some happening museum of the city.
28. Go to a pond or a lake for fishing.
29. You can also visit a planetarium or a science center.
30. Go for tree plantation.
31. Prepare some cookies. Pack them in some cool containers and then distribute them to all of your friends.
32. You can also spend your free time in painting your bedroom with a new color.
By using these simple tasks you can easily manage your free time as well as learn some new things.So try out today if you have some free time and are feeling bored.


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